Project Description

A RLF specialty, we take pride in our Trusts, Investments, and Estate Planning practice. This part of our practice is directly linked, but not exclusively, to our Banking and Financial Services practice. We advise the Trust Departments of our bank and trust company clientele; helping them serve their own clients in a minimally risky and legally compliant manner.  From creating trust products and documents, advising on the structure of investment portfolios, and implementing fiduciary best practices, to managing non-liquid trust assets and dealing with trust beneficiaries, and  we are here to help our institutional clients navigate this duty laden industry.

However, we are not just Bank advisers, we also advise individuals who come to us for legal help with their investments and financial planning.  In this area we can assist you with everything from drafting a simple will to designing and implementing a sophisticated financial plan with specialized instrumentation.

On the other side of the coin, sometimes investments and investment relationships turn sour.  If this happens, and it isn’t market forces that caused your problems, we are here to help.  We are well versed in both fiduciary and agency law, and can help you determine if a duty you were owed has been breached.