Petrochemical and Mineral Law Petrochemical and Mineral Law

Petrochemical and Mineral Law

Petrochemical and Mineral Law

RLF represents mineral owners in all aspects of managing their minerals.  From lease negotiation and development disputes, to purchase/sale and joint operating agreements, we have successfully negotiated for and achieved the goals of our clients with great success.  Whether you are a individual with a 1/64 interest in a half acre or a company with thousands of mineral acres under ownership, we have the knowledge and experience to make sure you manage your interests to their highest potential.  RLF has advised clients in all of the major existing and currently developing Texas reservoirs and plays (including Permian and Delaware Basins, Barnett, Eagleford, and Wolfcamp).

We understand the nuances associated with each, and can help you make sure you get the best arrangement possible when dealing with the companies interested in your property.

Our Services Include:

• Lease Drafting/Negotiation, Ratification
• Title Opinions (Original and Division Order)
• Title Research and Conveyances
• Joint Operating/Farmout, and Pooling Agreements
• Royalty Auditing

• Surface/Subsurface Rights Disputes
• ROW and Easement Disputes/Procurement
• Contractual Claims Under Lease