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Real Estate Law

At RLF, we love land and we love working with the laws that govern it.  There is little that compares to the satisfaction felt when a real estate project closes and the parties get to move on to the next phase.  When a client brings their real estate project to us, whether commercial, residential, agricultural, or mineral in nature, they rest easy knowing that they can rely on our experience in the industry and our ability as attorneys will ensure that they are going to be fully informed and that they will have the upper hand in the transaction.  We assist our clients in all phases of real estate and mineral ownership, and do so in a professional, discrete, and dedicated manner.

Acquisitions: We perform all forms of due diligence and title research when necessary to ensure that everything is as is represented and that there are no pitfalls associated with a property;

Negotiation and contract formation:  We leverage our experience and advanced market knowledge to get the best deal on paper for our clients

Management:  Whether you own a house, office building, ranch, or oil and gas producing property, we know the path to happy ownership lies in smoothly running, risk managed, and profitable methodology.  Our clients rely on us to make sure that their property is on the right track.

Disposition:  When its time to divest, we are there to ensure that it is accomplished in the manner most advantageous to our client.  Its not just a question of finding a buyer… its finding a buyer while maintaining control of all of the peripheral elements that can kill the positivity of the deal.